Meet Our Voice & Piano Teacher Geoffrey Di Giorgio!

October 23, 2021
Teacher Geoffrey Di Giorgio

BM Rutgers University, Institute for Young Dramatic Voices
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Music and singing have always been the driving force of my life. I come from a very musical family and have been a singer since I could walk! When I was three I started singing in the children’s choir at church, but I also loved singing just about anywhere! I sang on the playground, while doing homework, riding my bike, doing chores, I sang in school choir, middle school choir, high school choir, all state choir, church choir, I sang in the musicals in high school, and when I got my driver’s license, I sang as loudly as possible in my car; I even chose singing as my degree in college! I love singing so much, that I even married a singer, it doesn’t hurt that she is beautiful too!

To this day, I still love to sing, but instead of singing on the playground or on my bike, I sing professionally with big orchestras while wearing really cool costumes. And make no mistake, I still love to sing as loudly as possible in my car!

My hero was my High School music teacher, who helped me to learn that I could do more than just sing in my car, and he helped me to discover that singing was more than just a fun activity. It can teach you so much more about who you are, give you confidence, teach you how to work hard, have discipline, persevere when things are tough, and it can even calm you when you’re having a bad day!

My teachers believed in me, and now that I am a teacher myself, my goal is to help kids discover their voice, whether it’s their singing voice or their voice at the piano. I know how much music can help a person and I want to share that love of music with all of the students I teach. Though I may look very serious on stage, in real life I like to have fun and make music! My aim is not only to teach students to sing but to teach them that you can have a blast while doing so. Plan to laugh when I come to teach you!

When I am not teaching, you can find me singing at big halls and opera houses in places like New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and yes here in Washington, DC, and even in Europe!

But my FAVORITE thing to do is to play on the playground with my little son, who is probably the cutest red-headed child you’ll ever meet, and will ALSO be singing on those playgrounds as soon as he is able!

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