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  We had a great time at Musicfully Goes Wild. All day long, we were singing songs and dancing are hearts out. We painted the sets, made our props and even made our costumes. It was a roaring good time. Hope you’ll join us next year for our music, art, fun, singing, dancing, theater Camp...

Healing after Hurricanes crop

I wanted to let you know about a concert I will be performing in, Healing After Hurricanes. A number of friends from my time at Rice University in Houston, Texas will be performing to raise funds for relief efforts in Houston and other areas effected by hurricane’s Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Our concert will feature...

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I’d like to invite you to my performances of Mozart’s The Magic Flute. I’ll be singing Second Spirit. If you’ve been looking for a starter opera for your budding musician this is the perfect opera. Its in English and not very long. Magic Flute was the first opera I ever saw. Needless to say, I...

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