Studio Policy

Effective 2023 - 2024 School Year


Welcome to the Musicfully family. We are so delighted that you are here. Below you will find the studio’s policy. A signed studio policy will be required before you or your child’s first lesson. We can’t wait to start working with you.

Click Studio Policy for a pdf of the entire studio policy for your records.

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Recital Dates



  • All parents/adult students will receive a log in email to access our lessons portal where they can a sign up for recitals and studio events, manage their billing, and reschedule lessons.
Attendance and Start Time
  • A student’s lesson time is reserved only for them each week. Students are responsible for attending their regularly standing appointments on time.
  • Late arrivals will impact the length of a student’s lesson. Please notify Musicfully or your teacher if you are running late.
Semester Makeup Policy
  • Makeup Week:If you miss a class, we use the following dates as makeup times. January 22nd – 28th June 10th – 16th 
    Makeup Policy

    • Makeup Week allows students to make up a maximum of 1 missed lesson during Makeup Week.
    • Absences with 24 hours notice, will receive a makeup credit (exception: illness and family emergency)
    • Your makeup week lesson will be taught by your teacher at your regular lesson time
    • A makeup credit will be used during Makeup Week should the student have any on file. If no makeup credits are on file during Makeup Week, the lesson will be billed as a regular lesson.
    • Although there may be times that students will need to miss a lesson, we do not offer tuition reimbursement or adjustment for missed lessons. 
    • Make ups may occur in the form of a group lesson if no individual times are available.
    • “No-show” lessons are considered forfeited and will not receive a makeup credit. 
    • If a teacher needs to be absent, the teacher will arrange for another Musicfully teacher to meet you at your regular time or work to find another suitable lesson time. 
    • In the case of inclement weather,  a virtual lesson will be offered.  
    • Student sickness: If a student is too sick to go to school (ex: positive covid test) please email your teacher and the admin at We can record a video make-up lesson and send it to you within 48 hours. If a student is mildly ill, and the teacher is available, a zoom lesson can take place. Please discuss with your teacher.
  • The studio will remain open during the summer for a la carte lessons.
  • If you wish to reserve your Fall semester time, we require that you book 5 lessons or register for our camp during the Summer semester.
  • For recurring lessons during the summer, if you need to cancel a lesson,  you may schedule a make-up with your teacher or cancel that week for no charge, with 24 hours notice.
  • Camp 2024 is scheduled 6/24/24-6/28/24
Student Sickness
  • We understand that students, especially kids, get sick. For the health of our teachers and students, we ask that if your child is too sick to go to school, please do not bring them to their lesson. In events of sickness, please notify your teacher and the admin at by 12pm if the student can not attend.
  • Students who are only mildly ill can schedule a virtual lesson (Zoom), with the teacher’s consent, during their regular lesson time. Please discuss with your teacher if you would like to utilize this option. 
  • For students who are too sick to have a virtual lesson, we can record a video lesson and send it to you within 48 hours. Please discuss with your teacher.
  • Recorded lessons will be sent to the student within 48 hours of the original lesson time and will be the length of half of the original lesson.
  • Should the teacher need to change the time of the lesson from in-home to virtual it is up to their discretion.
Teacher Absences
  • If a teacher needs to be absent, the teacher will will arrange a for another Musicfully teacher to meet you at your regular time or work to find another suitable lesson time.
  • Canceling a lesson must occur 24 hours before the lesson in question. Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of that lesson. Rescheduling can be done through the portal.
Studio Dates

The Studio will be closed on the following dates

  • Labor Day 9/1/23-9/4/23
  • Thanksgiving: 11/21/23-11/26/23
  • Winter Break: 12/18/23-1/1/24
  • Spring Break: 3/25/24-3/31/24
  • Memorial Day: 5/27/24

The calendar is subject to change. Please note, these dates are suggested but please check with your teacher for their availability.

Weather Policy
  • We follow Fairfax County public school closures. If schools are closed and roads are impassable, a virtual lesson will be offered.
  • Please check with your teacher on snow days. If schools are closed but roads are drivable, teachers and families may mutually agree to hold the lesson as usual.
  • Payment is required on the first of the month for that month’s upcoming lessons. If you are a new student, payment will be due before your first lesson.
  • A credit card is required on file. Payments will be processed by our admin team only.
Payments accepted:
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal Autopay
  • We require a credit card on file. Any previous balance that has not been paid by the 8th of the month will automatically be charged to the credit card on file. Payments are to be made online through the portal. Teachers are not authorized to collect payment.
Care of Minors (in-home lessons)
  • For in-home lessons, we ask that a parent or guardian be home during the lesson time. This is for the safety of both our students and teachers.
Care of Minors (studio lessons)
  • For studio lessons, prompt retrieval of the student at the end of the lesson is required for their safety. Minors are expected to be picked up directly at the end of the appointed lesson time. However, a 10 minute grace period will be given if a parent/guardian/caregiver notifies Musicfully of the issue.
  • If the student is not retrieved after that 10 minute grace period, a fee will be added to the student’s account in the amount of a full lesson. Additional fees shall be incurred on half hour intervals there after.
  • If you are running late, please let Musicfully know as soon as possible.
Materials and Purchases
  • Students are expected to bring their materials (e.g., assignment book, music books, binder, sheet music) to class. Chord charts and lyric sheets do not count as sheet music. Materials can be purchased directly through our website.
  • If a student repeatedly forgets their materials the student will be given new books and the cost of the books will be added to the account invoice.
  • Performance is a valuable aspect of music learning and we encourage all of our students to participate in studio recitals.
  • Participation in the recital requires a $30 participation fee per student. An accompanist and rehearsal with the accompanist will be provided for all singers participating (additional charge).
  • Should an in-person Recital not be possible, a virtual recital will be scheduled for the day of the original recital.
  • Recital dates
    • December 9th (2pm and 4pm)
      June 2nd (2pm and 4pm)
    • Students will be assigned a time as we get closer to the recital.
    • Should you need a specific time block, please let us know at
Traveling to Student
  • In-home lessons can be a great time saver, as we do the driving for you. Please note that traffic varies. We ask for a ten minute window surrounding the lesson start time.
  • Please have the student ready to play with books and or instrument ready to play when the teacher arrives. If for some reason a teacher is running late and will miss the 10 minute window the teacher will notify you.
Virtual Lessons

Parents will receive a link for the virtual lesson 15 minutes prior to the lesson. Please set up the device being used for the lesson and have all materials prepared before the lesson begins.

    • For piano: it’s helpful to either have the camera propped up at the end of the piano keyboard (with selfie mode selected if using a phone) and the screen facing the keys. That way the student can see us and we can see their hands. Or put the computer or phone on a chair that’s to the right or left of the piano. Position the camera so that we can see the student and they can see us.
    • For voice: position the camera so that the student is in the camera frame from the waist up. This allows voice teachers to assess how students are breathing and using their lungs while singing. It also makes it possible for the teacher to see gestures and staging while students are singing their pieces.
Discontinuation of Lessons
  • Music is a lifelong pursuit. However, lessons might not be possible for any number of reasons. If you wish to discontinue lessons, two weeks notice will be required in writing for the termination of lessons. Billing will cease after two weeks from the date of notification of lesson termination. If you decide to take a break from lessons, please let Musicfully know as soon as possible.
  • As always, we welcome your feedback. If you have any concerns, please email
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